Sunday, October 31, 2021

What's the Point of a Gratitude Journal?

You are showing gratitude, giving thanks, counting your blessings. No matter the phrase you use, it seems that making a note of the people, places, and things that make you thankful is a popular activity. Do negative thoughts bog you down? Do you feel lost and caught in a daily cycle of dread? Do you feel like you live in a constant battle with Murphy's Law? It may be time to change your focus from the things wrong in your life to the things that bring you peace and joy. Many turn to a gratitude journal to help them refocus their attention and moods. What is the point of a gratitude journal--and should you be keeping a gratitude journal too? 

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2020 brought a lot of negativity to our lives from so many directions! We have all struggled to various degrees adapting to a host of "new normals" in our lives--even as we near the end of 2021. I will be honest--2020 brought many unhappy, difficult moments to my family, and it has been a long road through the healing and recovery! Through most of November, I will be focusing on finding the light in my days as I seek peace and balance in my home and family's life. You have probably heard a lot about gratitude--and the benefits of focusing on the positive things that happen during your day rather than the negatives.  

Oh,  is it ever easy to get so weighted beneath a few heavy negatives that you miss a whole load of positive, uplifting moments! How many times have you had one bad thing happen early in the morning that just seemed to launch a snowball effect of negativity throughout your day? Too many to count, right? Well--this morning, I wondered if that "snowball" really moved by its own power through my day--or if my thoughts were helping it grow and plow over the good things happening around me. What if I changed my perspective, and instead of noting how awful the day was, I made notes about the many things for which I should be grateful and pleased?  
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Taking time to reflect on the positive things, the blessings, the joys--no matter how small--is the point and purpose of a gratitude journal. Whether you believe in Murphy's Law or The Law of Attraction or not, it seems to hold true that if you expect bad things to happen, you see more of the bad things happening than the good things. What if we focus on the good stuff? The positive, happy moments of our day?


Wouldn't it seem that good things could be given that snowball power too? 

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What if we could change the course and energy of our day by changing the focus of our thoughts?

This is where a gratitude journal comes into play!

What is the point of a gratitude journal?

  • Gratitude Journals Offer Health Benefits.  Research shows that journal writing offers powerful mental, physical and emotional health benefits.  It improves mood, reduces stress and even improves memory and cognitive function.  
  • Gratitude Journals Increase Positive Energy.  Focusing on just a handful of positive thoughts goes a long way toward reducing negative thoughts, boosting self esteem and having a more optimistic outlook on your life.  
  • Gratitude Journals Improve Sleep, Happiness and Perspective.  I find that when I think about the people, places and events of days with gratitude... I smile.  I relax.  I feel happy! When I am relaxed and happy, I sleep better, I dream more and I have a different view of my daily life. 


So.  I don't know if keeping a gratitude journal is all its hyped up to be.  I don't know if devoting time and effort into a daily logging of thankful moments will significantly improve my life as I close out another year.


But--what if it does?  

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What if the simple act of keeping a gratitude journal does help me create the positive perspective and energy necessary to achieve the peace and balance that I have been missing for so long?


I am not sure if I will keep an official gratitude journal--or something less formal and artsy like a gratitude jar--but, I think it is time to see if being just a little more grateful offers just a little more peace?   


Not the official launch of my gratitude efforts--but, this morning, I am thankful...

  1. For fresh lemons and limes in my water.
  2. That Louise the cat adapted well to life as a house cat.  (She is the semi-feral cat we brought home from my mother-in-law's house after she passed away.)
  3. That the breakfast burritos I made turned out well 


Tomorrow morning, I will be posting a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge so you can follow along with my month of gratitude!  Stop back tomorrow and download the challenge--and follow along on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with #30DayBalancePeaceGratitude too!


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